Interneuron Diversity

An inherent problem in comparing differences in presynaptic pharmacology between glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons is the diversity in GABAergic interneuron subtypes. Interneurons modulate nearly every aspect of neuronal excitability and network function with cell type-specific roles. Thus, understanding cell-specific anesthetic actions on interneuron output is critical to understanding the neurophysiology of the anesthetized state.

Immunolabeling of Interneurons

PV+ neuron identified by immunoreactivity (left). SST+ axon, transfected with syn-pH (yellow) in SST::Ai14 cultures (right).

PV⁺ neuron identified by immunolabeling (left). SST⁺ axon, transfected with
syn-pH (yellow) in SST::Ai14 cultures (right).

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